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Our History

Precision Refinishing was created in the early 2000s by Don Cromarty, our founder, who now has over 12 years of experience in refinishing. He always had a passion for breathing new life into homes and first started his business refinishing tubs and tiles, before expanding into refinishing countertops and kitchen cabinets.

Over the years, Don took time to hone his craft from Dave, his best friend and mentor, who had a wealth of knowledge from running his own successful refinishing business. It was through this experience that Don refined Precision Refinishing to be the successful, and smooth-running business it is today.

Over the years, the Precision Refinishing team has continually expanded with more and more talent. Don’s son, Darcy, came to join the family business in 2015 and was later followed by Daniel, Don’s nephew who now works on designing the epoxy countertops and furniture pieces. Kurtis, a family friend, also became a part of the team in 2019. He further added to the quality of the Precision Refinishing team by bringing years of expertise and knowledge in cabinet refinishing. He has been an essential part of many projects ever since.

Every one of our employees is an essential part of our company and the main reason why we’ve seen the success we have. Our team loves seeing smiles and gasps from our work transforming customers’ homes to a state they remember or have never seen before. We firmly believe in providing top-quality work and look for every opportunity to impress and delight our customers.

Why Refinish?

It’s significantly more affordable than renovations.

Refinishing is fast and has a quick turnaround.

The end result can make a surface last for many more years.

You don’t have to sacrifice a sentimental or heritage item for something new. Refinish your home and turn worn-out centrepieces into ones that turn heads.

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