Concrete Sealing

Service Overview

Did you know that the peeling and cracking on your concrete surface can be avoided through cost effective maintenance?  Sealing your concrete is an essential step for maintaining the look and longevity of your driveway, sidewalk, pool deck or patio.  If water beads on the surface, your concrete is sealed and protected but when this no longer happens, it is time to call Precision Refinishing for a free concrete sealing quote! 

We offer affordable rates ranging from $1.50 – $2.25 per square foot depending on the grade of sealer and type of work needed.  We will also beat or match any quote in the Okanagan or surrounding areas whether it be residential, industrial or commercial projects.  We specialize in exposed aggregate, stamped, polished and broom finishes so whether your concrete is brand new or in need of rejuvenation, we will get the job done.  When concrete surfaces are left unsealed, they can develop cracks, resulting in leaks and structural damage that can be costly to repair.  A good sealer will enhance and protect your concrete from harsh chemicals, stains, oils, and contaminants that can penetrate the surface, as well as preserve and intensify its colour.  We can also bring back the colour of your faded stamped concrete by adding tint to the process.  This returns your concrete to that “freshly-poured look” adding to the curb appeal of your home or project.  Sealed concrete will have a rich colour and glossy sheen, if desired, and comes in many different gloss levels, ranging from no-gloss to high-gloss.  A slip resistant additive can also be applied if your concrete is slick.  This is particularly beneficial on pool decks, stairs and sidewalks, wherever you may walk when it is wet.  Additionally, sealing your concrete surface will reduce the chance of freeze thaw damage, something that happens frequently during Okanagan winters.  Did you know that salt and de-icers are harmful to unsealed concrete?  A sealer will help to keep water from sinking into the driveway causing cracks or surface flaking, a problem which is worsened when salt and de-icers are used.  It is recommended to seal your concrete every 2 years although high traffic areas may need to be sealed every year.  We use the highest-grade solvent based sealers for its longevity and higher UV ratings, ensuring the absolute best protection through all the Okanagan seasons.  No matter how big or small the job, Precision Refinishing is best suited for all your concrete sealing needs!  

Our Process

Step 1

Removing all debris from drive like leaves etc.

Step 2

Acid washing

Step 3

Pressure washing

Step 4

Letting it dry

Step 5

Applying the sealer.

What it looks like

bathtub tile countertop cabinets refinishing bc ab


bathtub tile countertop cabinets refinishing bc ab


Why Refinish?

It’s significantly more affordable than renovations.

Refinishing is fast and has a quick turnaround.

The end result can make a surface last for many more years.

You don’t have to sacrifice a sentimental or heritage item for something new. Refinish your home and turn worn-out centrepieces into ones that turn heads.

Why Refinish

Ready to give the best parts of your home the facelift they deserve?