bathtub tile countertop cabinets refinishing bc ab counter

Service Overview

Worn, scratched, and outdated colors on existing countertops can also be quickly and professionally refinished in a matter of hours using our Stone-Flecks Formula. Stone-Flecks mimic the look of expensive granite and stone making your countertop even more high-class than it was before.

Once completed, your countertop will have a tough, durable finish that is impact, scuff, and scratch-resistant and meets or exceeds the original manufacturer’s specifications for stain and acid resistance. Choose from a wide range of decorator colours to perfectly complement your remodeling projects!

Available Designs

Countertop Process

Step 1

Tape off and protect floor and surrounding areas.

Step 2

Setup ventilation system.

Step 3

Prep & clean surfaces.

Step 4

Repair chip & cracks.

Step 5

Spray on epoxy primer coating.

Step 6

Apply stone fleck design.

Step 7

Apply acrylic topcoat.

Step 8

Cleanup and remove ventilation system.

What it looks like

bathtub tile countertop cabinets refinishing bc ab


bathtub tile countertop cabinets refinishing bc ab


Why Refinish?

It’s significantly more affordable than renovations.

Refinishing is fast and has a quick turnaround.

The end result can make a surface last for many more years.

You don’t have to sacrifice a sentimental or heritage item for something new. Refinish your home and turn worn-out centrepieces into ones that turn heads.

Why Refinish
refinished countertop in kitchen

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