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Our cabinet refinishing services can give your old and worn kitchen cabinets a fresh, new look at a fraction of the cost of replacing them. We use a specialized acrylic urethane paint that is sprayed instead of brushed or rolled on. This gives your cabinets a smooth, glossy finish that’s extremely chip, scratch, and stain-resistant!

The new surface is very easy to clean as contaminants cannot be absorbed into the finish. In addition, they can be resurfaced in a modern white tone or tinted to a colour of your choice.

Cabinet Process

Step 1

Remove all hardware and doors.

Step 2

Clean and sand cabinet boxes, panels and trim.

Step 3

Tape off and protect surrounding areas.

Step 4

Setup ventilation system.

Step 5

Spray on epoxy primer coating.

Step 6

Apply acrylic topcoat.

Step 7

Cleanup and remove ventilation system.

Step 8

Re-install doors and hardware.

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refinished countertop

What it looks like

bathtub tile countertop cabinets refinishing bc ab


bathtub tile countertop cabinets refinishing bc ab


Why Refinish?

It’s significantly more affordable than renovations.

Refinishing is fast and has a quick turnaround.

The end result can make a surface last for many more years.

You don’t have to sacrifice a sentimental or heritage item for something new. Refinish your home and turn worn-out centrepieces into ones that turn heads.

Why Refinish
bathtub tile countertop cabinets refinishing bc ab cabinets

Ready to give the best parts of your home the facelift they deserve?